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Sunday January 22, 2006 JST

Common SEO lament: Why is my site not in The Index?

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Our firm, SEM Experts, has been taking on a few clients with interesting SEO challenges: older domains that have few but highly relevant backlinks with high PR and yet are still not in Googles Index. Definitely a common problem and I wanted to make sure I addressed it in my Search Engine Optimization Blog so that I could help these clients and also help the world before we make contact. Here are a few of the most common causes. Not all, mind you, as Google runs on a complex proprietary algorithm, but these are a few we’ve tested and of which we can be fairly certain:

1. What is the provenance of the domain? If the domain was owned by someone else in the past and was misused you may have to ditch it.

2. What is the provenance of the IP your site is on? This is one of the harder problems to pin down but if you’re stumped, change your IP. Getting off the same class C license is even better.

3. Who else is on your IP? Since more than one domain can reside on a given IP, you need to insure you have no “unsavory neighbors”. Don’t be cheap: get your own IP. Be in control of your own sites success or failure. If you don’t have a close working relationship with your provider or can’t establish one, get a new provider . Nothing is more dangerous to the success of a website than shoddy or shady hosting practices. Look here for relieable tomcat, php, asp.net, or coldfusion hosting.

4. To whom are you linking? When was the last time you reviewed all of the outbound links on your site? My company offers a monitoring service that insures any trades you make remain the same as when you agreed to them in the first place. A technique some disreputable internet spammers will use is to obtain a reciprocal link from you with a seemingly reputable site and then switching page content when they’ve achieved enough inbounds for their purposes. Another is to make the trade and use a cloaking script that uses referal information to decide which page to show you if you should check up on it from your business; all other traffic sees their ick-site. The best solution for curtailing this type of link fraud is to hire an SEO professional.


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