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Sunday January 22, 2006 JST

Spam Whackers Blog

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Jim Hedger is a professional writer and SEO who works for Stepforth. He has written an excellent article on Search Engine Spam. Jim’s articles are published on the Stepforth blog, and also published by by several on-line news letters.

Two things I would comment about in regard to the article.

1: Jim was not clear IMHO in regard to Redirects. Although redirects can be used for SE Spam, all redirects are not Spam. I think he cleared this up in his comment in response to a reader. If you don’t read the comments you could be confused.

2: In regard to IP Delivery I do not think that all IP Delivery is necessarily Spam. For instance if a Flash site uses IP Delivery (Detection) to send spiders and visitors to a HTML version of the site I do not think that is Spam.

Personally I fell that a distinction needs to be made between legitimate IP Delivery (Detection) and IP Delivery that is meant to fool the SEs. The reason the distinction needs to be made is because all Black Hat SEOs who use Cloaking or IP Delivery claim that what they are doing is not Spam even though Cloaking is clearly against the Guidelines. Specifically Google says “Don’t employ cloaking or sneaky redirects”. I believe the word sneaky is important in this discussion. 15 Shades of SEO Spam.

IP Delivery
Leader Pages
Mini-Site networks
Link Farms
Blog and/or Forum Spam
Keyword Stuffing
Hidden Text
Useless Meta Tags
Misuse of Directories
Hidden Tags
Organic Site Submissions
Email Spam
Redirect Spam
Misuse of Web 2.0 Formats (ie: Wiki, social networking and social tagging)

This article is a great and comprehensive summary regarding Search Engine Spam. I believe it is a must read.


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